Together We Grow

As I watched the sun go down over the hill one evening, it shone directly through the middle of a tree in the distance. It seemed as if it had burnt a hole right through the tree and the leaves around it gradually changed colour from orange to green. The photo I took didn’t reveal the colours, but here it is anyway:


I made a coloured sketch allowing a fair amount of artistic licence to creep in!


I was going to make the background with stained glass strips in sunset colours that gradually change into rain at the bottom of the picture, but as I layed out the background it didn’t feel right. There was too much colour and it seemed to compete and clash with the leaves. So I chose a blue sky of vitreous glass tiles which changed into a rain of grey vitreous tiles and strips of mirror glass.

Together We Grow

Together We Grow

I played with the photo after I had finished the mosaic and I quite like this:




Voices of the Wind Exhibition

It is 14 days into my exhibition “Voices of the Wind” at Somerset Crafts  so I thought it would be a good time to share some photos of it with you.


Apart from my four new  pieces (in previous posts), I have selected some of my past work dating back to 2006 that fits in well with the theme.

“Spirit of the Leaves” is displayed in the window for maximum light and effect. “The Storm” is in full pelt on the easel in the window corner with “Birds in the Rain” here in the foreground :

"The Storm" meets "Spirit of the Leaves"

“The Storm” meets “Spirit of the Leaves”

Around the other side I have hung “Slipstream” (part 3), “In a Spin” and “Circling Flock” all of which you can see on my website

Here are the new wind inspired pieces beside Billy Rhodes’ gate that leads to all the other artists displays (and my permanent display in the distance there) :

New pieces

New pieces

And these are my leaves made with stained glass and some of my hand-gilded gold glass that sit in the centre of the exhibition area:



The gallery is open every day. There are currently 19 of us who exhibit work at Somerset Crafts. We run it as a co-operative and take it in turns to steward. You can find us on the Somerset Levels at the Avalon Marshes Centre,  Shapwick Road, Nr. Glastonbury, Somerset. The scenery outside is stunning too!

The Somerset Levels near Westhay reserve

The Somerset Levels near Westhay reserve

Come visit soon 🙂

Birds in the Rain

Another piece for my solo exhibition “Voices of the Wind” at Somerset Crafts to accompany The Storm. It is quite a small piece (A4) made with stained glass, float glass over painted board and mirror glass.

Here are 2 shots of it in different light (I feel an animation coming on!)

Birds in theRain (view 1)

Birds in the Rain (view 1)

Birds in the Rain (view 2)

Birds in the Rain (view 2)

As well as the similarities to my larger mosaic “The Storm” it also shares a likeness to “Rain”.

Here are both:

The Storm

The Storm



If you haven’t seen the animations I made of Rain and The Storm click the links.

I have to get my 4 mosaics –  Wind Whips, The Wind Eagle, The Shadow of the Wind and Birds in the Rain framed this week in time for the exhibition which starts on May 1st.

I have just started to make some 3 dimensional leaves to include in the exhibition.

I’ll share them with you next time, come back soon


Shift : What is the Work of Art?

Last night I went to the preview of “Shift : What is the Work of Art?” at the Black Swan Arts Centre in Frome  where I have the pleasure of being one of the artists chosen to take part.

Curator, Kim Wood, picked my animations “The Storm” and “Rain” .

Outside a glass blower was making a shape with the words art and craft written on it just to get us in the right frame of mind!

Upstairs in the gallery the exhibition consists of work by 7 of us ranging from Max Jacquard’s iconic recycled glass figure “Albion” stitched with bronze wire to Tom Bayliss‘s structures as “hobbyist model maker”.

Kim writes that our work ” sits on the fluid boundaries between what could be perceived of as ‘art’ and ‘craft’”

Johanna Dahn, Senior Lecturer in Critical Studies in Art and Design at the Bath School of Art and Design gave a short talk which highlighted the art/craft debate and the relationship to the work on show. She talked about how craft is process driven and how it has been seen in recent years as the inferior partner to art. She suggested how the pieces in the exhibition question our notions of what is art or craft, how the artists have played with the materials, integrated art forms, challenged our perceptions, and have extended the design process and made something else.

Johanna finished her talk with words to the effect of “Art or craft? Or is it something else? …and who cares anyway as long as it is an expression of the artists intent”  

 I think her last words were the best answer.

Come and see the exhibition and see what you think. It runs until the 16th February.Shift

animationSee more information about the exhibition here and here on Facebook

Can’t get to the exhibition and want to see my animations?

Click here

A cold rain in the winter garden

Last year I made a video and an image for  an “Exquisite Corpse” style collaboration project called 6 x 6 Escape coordinated by curator Lauren Fancher. It was hoped that 60 participants would take part.

The final media performance (put together by Lauren) took place in Athens, Georgia, US on April 6th 2011. I think about 40 participants took part.

It interested me because of a fascination in Surrealism that I have had for many years, one that led me to research and write a final dissertation for an art degree in 1989.

The “Exquisite Corpse” was named by the Surrealists to describe a collaborative assemblage of pictures and words. Inspired by the Victorian parlour game of “consequences” (originally played using words or phrases  written on paper which was folded over to keep them secret, then passed onto the next player to build up a spontaneous story, and later using pictures where the players draw parts of the body, folding the paper each time to pass to the next player so that eventually a strange figure is made), the Surrealists would play variations of the game, which inspired collaboration, chance and spontaneity within their art.

This is the image (photo-montage) I contributed to the 6 x 6 Escape project. My assignment for this was called “Tears Falling”

Tears Falling

Tears Falling

My assignment for the video was called “a cold rain in the winter garden“. It had to be 6 minutes or less and take no more than an hour to make. I recycled some footage from my animation “Rain” and used some photos of icicles and the garden.

Come back soon for some exciting news about my animations.