New Designs – It’s not what it seems!

I have various different projects on the go at the moment…a large commission, bird baths for the Bishops Palace garden festival in June and some new work for an exhibition at Glastonbury Abbey in September. All exciting stuff that is keeping my left and right brain buzzing and pinging.

During the in-between times I like to  experiment with various other mediums such as animation and digital photo manipulation. Some of you will remember my designs that I made into scarves a few years ago. This time I’ve made some more designs from photos of my mosaics and uploaded them to Redbubble where they are printed onto clothes, wall art, iphone cases, stationary and home-ware. I’ve picked out some favourites to show you but please visit the shop to see more of the products that are available with these designs.

The Golden Leaves this time is the only one without photo manipulation although the scarf is tiled with the photo on the Redbubble software. Please click the pictures to see more or purchase.


Golden Leaves Scarf


Starlings in the Wind Dress


Sunset Swirls chiffon top


Darkness is Gathering in a Swirl cushion


Leaf Swirl notebook


Fish Waves acrylic block


Spinning Moon Moths metal print



Wake of the Chorus drawstring bag


Whirl in a Whirlwind iphone case

Now I MUST get into my work-shed and fondle some glass!





















Mosaic Print Designer Scarfs

I have been thinking about transferring mosaic designs onto fabric for years, longer than the big fashion companies such as Dolce & Gabbana! The trouble is they beat me to it!

But seriously I know I will never get as big or famous as they are, (who would want to be that rich and famous??) and I am just doing this as an experiment and through a desire to put down my nippers for a while and do something different. (When I say “for a while”, don’t worry, I am already picking them up again!)

The designs are digitally printed onto fabric. For my scarves I have chosen to use a silky polyester as it drapes beautifully and the colour is bright crisp and sharp.

This is my Golden Leaves Scarf

Golden Leaves Scarf

Golden Leaves Scarf

The design came from a photo of the mosaic leaf candle holders I made last year taken on a bed of autumn leaves, which I have made into a mirror design for the fabric.

I got the photo printed as greeting cards


I had a tie commission with this design too…


Then I made the Dawn Breakers Bird Scarf using a design I took from a mosaic I made called “Dawn Breakers”

Dawn Breakers scarf

Dawn Breakers Bird Scarf


Dawn Breakers


And this one is  my Midnight Sun Scarf using part one of my mosaicDisappearing Sun

Midnight sun

Midnight Sun Scarf

Part 1 of Disappearing Sun

If you want to see more pictures including some on my model, have a look by clicking the pictures or visit my Folksy Shop or my Etsy Shop

I also have cards and prints available of Spirit of the Leaves part 3

spirit folksy

Spirit of the Leaves (part 3)

Very popular at this time of year when the leaves are blowing off the trees and turning into birds!


“Odile – The Black Swan” : The 2012 Fashion Icon

If you went to London Fashion Week last week you would have noticed how many top designers have used black, whites, pearls shimmery greys and silvers in their new creations.

“Odile” – The Black Swan wouldn’t have looked out of place on the catwalk. Imagine her as she glided elegantly in her fine coverlet of black, mirrored green, irridescent greys and pearly whites reflecting hints of pink, purple and blue as she moved!

Imagine how she could look in your garden, perhaps next to a lake or a water feature where her reflection would add further interest, movement and colour.

And then there’s the story:

“Odile – The Black Swan”  is the jealous sister of Odette (The White Swan) in Tchaikovsky’s ballet “Swan Lake”, who attempts to fool Odette’s suitor by imitating and dressing as Odette . The gentle graduation of dark to light tones of glass tile  reflect Odile’s transformation from black to white in the story; thus she is caught in her moment of deceit.

Odile - The Black Swan

“Odile – The Black Swan” : The New Fashion Icon

Odile is the new fashion icon, and this one you can own!

The Swans of Wells Auction starts Saturday 29th September at 7.30pm  Book tickets for the auction here by Monday 24th or bid online here for Odile

See more pictures of her here

Little Birds’ Day Out!

I thought you should know that I am out of my winter hibernation early and I have taken up jogging to sweep away the cobwebs and the excess fat gained from the Christmas booze and chocs! So full of energy I am, with plans for new projects and with some already completed. But more of that in the next post…

This time I want to tell you about my little (hanging) birds who chirruped away for a day over the hols. They went to stay with Sadie, who is a lovely kooky 20 year old student. She is also a fashion blogger and writes a popular blog called “Sadies Wardrobe.” Sadie has written a fabulous post on her blog with some gorgeous photos of her making friends with my little birds. I think they got on so well they were reluctant to return! Check out Sadie’s Blog: Sadie’s Wardrobe  and her post on my birds here

Sadie and the Birds:

Sadie and little bird

Sadie and little bird (photo by Sadie)

Sadie and little birds

Sadie and little birds (photo by Sadie)