Mid Winter Flight


                                       Keep Warm and Safe … see you in 2017







Bah Humbug!

Oh yes it’s that time again when we are all scrabbling around trying to find interesting presents for our families and friends. And there is news that we might have a white Christmas here in the south west UK, so all the more reason to get the shopping done now and then hopefully we can relax!
Well I am using this post to shamelessly plug my new pieces available to buy on my Folksy shop. Hey, you don’t need to behave like Scrooge! Don’t go yet! Talking of Scrooge, I would like to introduce you to my Bah Humbug Bee Pendants and brooches.

bees folksy

Bah Humbug Bees!

Then there are my Fish for the Funky Punks Brooches

shoal folksy

Fish Brooches for the Funky Punks

Both the bees and the fish can be ordered without backs and fixed straight to a wall or as part of your personal mosaic project.

They are made by hand-gilding glass with metal leaf and cutting it to shape. Once used for mosaic the glass is on top because if used gilded side up even after sealing, the grout will ruin the metal leaf.   The substrate for the brooches is aluminium, hand cut and filed. For the bee’s thorax I made some polymer clay half bead shapes that are fired in the oven and then varnished. They were great fun to make and finally we found a use for my daughter’s pasta machine!


I have also made some more box frame mosaic art pieces.

This is my series “Three Golden Birds at Sunset” I think these precious little mosaics made with Venetian gold leaf glass and smalti look quite eye-catching  in the deep boxes, what do you think?

You can see more details about each of these items and more on my Folksy shop

Happy Shopping and have a Very Merry Christmas!


Today the weather is wild! The wind and rain is whipping around my house in a continuous surge of chaotic energy. Nothing at all like my mosaic here depicting winter on a beautiful evening in the snow. I remember an evening like this a few years ago, a bit later on in the winter, January or February, which is normally the time we get snow, if we get snow.

This is part 4 of a series I am working on for an exhibition in January at the Hawthorn Contemporary Craft Gallery in Blandford Forum, Dorset. It’s called “When the World Was Old

When The World Was Old

When The World Was Old

Whatever you celebrate this winter, keep warm, safe, and have fun 🙂 x

Shopping in the Woods

Apart from making some new pieces of work for an exhibition in January (more details on that soon), I have been refurbishing the walls of my website with my latest work. There is plenty to browse and buy on my online shop. Here are a couple of items that may be of interest.

The Golden Leaves are £40 small and £50 large. See this and more woodland inspired mosaics here.

Evening Sun is £125. See this and more sun inspired mosaics here.

If you like my work you might want to sign up to my newsletter. Each month (or thereabouts)  I offer discounts of my work or a snippet of information about my methods and techniques that I don’t share with anyone else!  For the month of December  I am offering 15% off all work where the item costs less than £1,000. If you sign up now you will still be able to get this offer!

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A Bird Is Not Just For Christmas!

The nice lady Ruth at the “Somerset Guild of Craftsmen’s  Courthouse Gallery” in Somerton is housing some of my little birds until they find some nice homes to go to. The others have migrated to Folksy until they find homes. This is a photo I took when they were visiting me.

Roosting Birds

If you would like one please remember “A Bird Is Not Just For Christmas”, and fly over to my shop on Folksy

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