Autumn Leaves

Earlier this year I made some leaves using gilded glass and stained glass. They are quite chunky because they are covered in mosaic both sides but I quite like them. I’m not alone either as two of them have been bought from Somerset Crafts gallery in the last week.


I decided to make some more leaves but this time thinner and more elegant. I bought some different colours of metal leaf, one of which was a gorgeous orange gold and perfect for autumnal golden leaves, and I gilded some glass.


I made a few duffs before I was happy with the leaves. I cut and bent sheet metal into leaf shapes and applied the gilded glass mosaic on the top. I gilded the metal underneath and on the edges to finish them.


If you wonder what you can do with them, here is an idea.


These will be available to buy in Somerset Crafts and Somerset Guild of Craftsmen very soon!