Mosaic Print Designer Scarfs

I have been thinking about transferring mosaic designs onto fabric for years, longer than the big fashion companies such as Dolce & Gabbana! The trouble is they beat me to it!

But seriously I know I will never get as big or famous as they are, (who would want to be that rich and famous??) and I am just doing this as an experiment and through a desire to put down my nippers for a while and do something different. (When I say “for a while”, don’t worry, I am already picking them up again!)

The designs are digitally printed onto fabric. For my scarves I have chosen to use a silky polyester as it drapes beautifully and the colour is bright crisp and sharp.

This is my Golden Leaves Scarf

Golden Leaves Scarf

Golden Leaves Scarf

The design came from a photo of the mosaic leaf candle holders I made last year taken on a bed of autumn leaves, which I have made into a mirror design for the fabric.

I got the photo printed as greeting cards


I had a tie commission with this design too…


Then I made the Dawn Breakers Bird Scarf using a design I took from a mosaic I made called “Dawn Breakers”

Dawn Breakers scarf

Dawn Breakers Bird Scarf


Dawn Breakers


And this one is  my Midnight Sun Scarf using part one of my mosaicDisappearing Sun

Midnight sun

Midnight Sun Scarf

Part 1 of Disappearing Sun

If you want to see more pictures including some on my model, have a look by clicking the pictures or visit my Folksy Shop or my Etsy Shop

I also have cards and prints available of Spirit of the Leaves part 3

spirit folksy

Spirit of the Leaves (part 3)

Very popular at this time of year when the leaves are blowing off the trees and turning into birds!



The Three Trees

I have been playing with my jigsaw again and made¬† four new pieces of work for¬† “Six”¬† – an¬†¬†¬†¬† exhibition showcasing six local makers – at the Hawthorn Gallery, Blandford Forum, Dorset.

The exhibition began on 14th January and runs until 22nd March 2014.
The series is called “The Three Trees” and illustrates the four seasons.

This is “When The World Was Young” (Spring)

When The World Was Young

When The World Was Young

This is “In The Midst Of It” (summer)

In The Midst Of It

In The Midst Of It

This is “Blown Away” (autumn)

Blown Away

Blown Away

And this one you have already seen – is “When The World Was Old” (winter)

When The World Was Old

When The World Was Old

Go and see the exhibition¬† if you are nearby, it’s sure to be a good one.



Autumn Leaves

Earlier this year I made some leaves using gilded glass and stained glass. They are quite chunky because they are covered in mosaic both sides but I quite like them. I’m not alone either as two of them have been bought from Somerset Crafts gallery in the last week.


I decided to make some more leaves but this time thinner and more elegant. I bought some different colours of metal leaf, one of which was a gorgeous orange gold and perfect for autumnal golden leaves, and I gilded some glass.


I made a few duffs before I was happy with the leaves. I cut and bent sheet metal into leaf shapes and applied the gilded glass mosaic on the top. I gilded the metal underneath and on the edges to finish them.


If you wonder what you can do with them, here is an idea.


These will be available to buy in Somerset Crafts and Somerset Guild of Craftsmen very soon!