Ammerdown 2009

On Friday 12th – Sunday 14th June 2009 a Weekend mosaic workshop was held at the Ammerdown Centre, Radstock, near Bath.

The course was introduced with a presentation of historical and contemporary mosaics. Inspiration for design was aided by a tour around the beautiful grounds and gardens of Ammerdown.
The course allowed the participants (most of whom were beginners)to understand and put into practice the basic methods of mosaic making.
The students were encouraged to develop their own ideas whilst lots of individual advice, demonstration and support was given.  Direct and indirect methods were used.
Mosaic tessarae , stained glass coloured mirror and milliefiori were used.

I will be running another weekend course at Ammerdown on 21st May – 23rd May 2010. Please contact to book.
Or go to

Here are pictures of the students work.

Mosaic by Belinda

Mosaic by Elizabeth

Mosaic by Anne

Mosaic by Dianne

Mosaic by Bernie

Mosaic by Joanna

Mosaic by Tessa

Mosaic by Zeeta

Mosaic by Bernie

Mosaic by Joanna


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