Odd Little Flock

Woopee doo! I thought you might like to see my new little fairies and angels. These little oddities came out of the work I made for Glastonbury Abbey. I love how one thing leads to another when you are making things. Working with plastic bones led me to the barbie doll fairies. I also find it quite strange how the times have changed from when I was going to festivals in the 1980’s. I used to wear quite hippyish sort of clothes that consisted of faded old ripped jeans (not the silly sort you get today that are already faded and ripped when you buy them, but ones I had lived in for the past few years every day) , a flowery top, an Indian shawl (usually nicked from a friend) that I wore like a scarf, a black waistcoat, and either a donkey jacket , leather biker jacket or a much loved hand-me -down patchwork velvet jacket.  Not much make-up, maybe a bit of black kohl eye liner. And I would take a tent (that I also took home with me) a sleeping bag, some cider, and a toothbrush. Maybe a bit of money to cover the “small” entrance fee and buy a pasty. (Many of the festivals in those days were free… imagine that!) I would smell quite bad after a few days and relish the warm bath I would get into on my return home.

Compare with the girls going to festivals today. … expensive fashionable flowery “festival” clothes, pristine make-up and long sparkly hair, flowery “festival” wellie boots. I imagine they use  showers that are  provided these days, and take their hair-dryers.  How can you plug a hair-dryer into a field? Don’t tell me they have electricity too!!!

Here are the girls…

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Rainbow Cloud goes to Glastonbury


Saffron Sky goes to Glastonbury


Sugar Rose goes to Glastonbury

The Spirit Angels

I also made some angels. I wanted them to wear boots too, but hob-nail boots, not Glasto festival wellies.  I made the heads using self hardening clay. I really tried to make them pretty but they didn’t want to come out like that. They reminded me of medieval faces. So I used medieval names for them, added a little grandeur pop culture (the Marvellous, the Glorious, the Incredible and the Golden)  and looked up the meaning of the names.

Here are the angels, click the pics to see what they represent and to buy…

Angel Millicent the Marvellous wears hob nail boots


Geraldine the Glorious wears hob-nail boots


Ulric the Incredible wears hob-nail boots


Godfrey the Golden hides his boots

Odd Little Flock is the name of my re-branded Etsy shop where you will see mosaic and mixed media creations of birds, angels and mythical creatures to enthral and inspire you!


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What do the four seasons, four birds, and a key have in common?

This school was a joy to work with. A small primary school of just over 100 pupils, every child was able to take part in making it.

I was sent lots of drawings from the children to use for a design and spent a day sketching possibilities and a final cartoon.  I spent a couple of days preparing sections so that we could get on with it on the two days in school allocated for the mosaic.

The sections were made indirect on sticky back plastic using pva glue.  I learnt my lesson using this method without the glue last year with another school. As the children touch the sticky back and rearrange tiles it stops sticking the tiles to the plastic which makes turning over and fixing to the board impossible. Last year I had to stick mesh to the back of the sections with tile cement before I could install them on the board.

Trying out this method of sticky back plus pva glue beforehand I found that once the section was transferred to the board and the sticky back plastic pulled off there was less glue residue left on the tiles than when using straight plastic, because the sticky back holds onto to it, so I’ll be using this method for my own projects in the future!

We had 12 sections with two children working on each section. I also had a good team of eager parent helpers that I couldn’t have done without!

The oldest children love cutting tiles!

After the sections were finished they were left to dry over night and the next day I was in early with the parent helpers to transfer them to the board. Then the children filled in the snow border and the background spaces.

The adhesive is a quick drying one which meant we didn’t have to wait long before taking off the plastic and grouting.

Et Voila!

The border is made up of the four class names … Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and in the corners are the 4 house names …Buzzards, Ospreys, Kestrels and Harriers. The school motif is the key…Keevil.

Keevil school … you are the greatest!










In the valley below the hill where I live there is a small village with a leat running along the edge of the fields and opposite a row of old and pretty cottages. There are often ducks on the leat and once I saw a very raggedy looking heron trying to catch a fish, but it always feels as if I have experienced a split second of magic when I catch a bright blue iridescent flash out of the corner of my eye.


See more photos of the Kingfishers and enjoy them on your wall!











The Doves Who Bring Ambrosia to the Gods

Mosaic Odysseys Festival moving on to Athens and Mykonos

The first exhibition for the Mosaic Odysseys Festival at the Hellenic Centre  in London was a great success. We had a lot of visitors and several sales.
After selling my works “The Whirlwind That Takes Me There” , “The Enchanter“,and “The Four Winds“, I decided to make new works to send to Greece.
I wanted to make 3 dimensional birds and initially thought about my gold birds that appear in my work frequently. They would be more realistic and fly on their own odyssey to Athens…(only the courier would spoil my fantasy) . However I dipped into the BOOK once again (Homer’s Odyssey in case you wondered) …and found just what I was looking for.

It’s in the beginning of the section where Circe tells Odysseus how to escape from the House of Hades. She tells him how he must avoid the sirens song, then goes on to mention the overhanging and very high rocks that the gods call the Wanderers. She says …
“Here not even a bird may pass, no, not even the timid doves that bring ambrosia to Father Jove, but the sheer rock always carries off one of them, and Father Jove has to send another to make up their number…”

I decided to make the doves so they were partly 3 dimensional but so you can still hang them on the wall. And hang them rather like Hilda Ogden’s very “tasteful flying ducks” in Coronation Street!!  (Sorry, did I say tasteful? Oh yes, so I did)

I cut out my doves from plywood with only one wing and constructed the others 3 dimensionally. I have used a little of my hand gilded metal leaf glass in them.

dove progress 4

For the bodies I used polystyrene eggs and cut them in half.

dove progress 8

I chose these funny circle design milliefiori tiles for eyes to illustrate the exhaustion the dove feels after the journey!

dove progress 1

A persistent small spider wanted to get in on the action!

dove progress 5

Various glass on the inside wings.

dove progress 7

Wings are fixed securely.

Bodies and copper wire feet are attached.

dove detail2

Fly my babies…

doves who bring ambrosia small

The Doves Who Bring Ambrosia to the Gods (take 1)

The tin of rice pudding is of course a joke, although I am tempted to use it in the exhibition.  However there are shipping issues getting tins of food through customs as well as copyright issues using the logo. I wrote to Ambrosia, but I got no reply.
So they will bring symbolic gifts …

doves who bring ambrosia small 1

The Doves Who Bring Ambrosia to the Gods (take 2)

…where ambrosia is a nectar or a honey made by bees and flowers.

Close up…

dove silver 1 small

dove silver 2 small

dove gold small

The Mosaic Odysseys exhibition will be at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in Athens from September 9th to September 18th.

The final exhibition will be at the Muncipal Art Gallery of Mykonos, starting 23rd September and finishing 3rd October.

Exhibiting artists –

Greek artists :

Ioannis Touliatos, Artemis Klitsi, Eftychia Finou, Vasso Spanou, Lydia Papadopoulos, Alexandros Bassadis,

UK artists:

Dugald MacInnes, Nathalie Vin, Aliyahgator, Arianna Puntin, and myself.

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Mary Mary Quite Contrary Bird Baths

The last few weeks I have been making bird baths for the Bishops Palace English Country Garden Festival in Wells this weekend. Today was the first day but you still have a chance to come along tomorrow or Sunday!

I thought how nice it would be to make some work based on a garden theme and remembered that old traditional English nursery rhyme …

“Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With Silver Bells and Cockle Shells,
And Pretty Maids all in a row”

I have read that there are different views about the meaning of the rhyme, some say it was about the reign of  Mary Queen of Scots, while others believe it was about Mary Tudor. The rhyme might suggest religious metaphors of Catholicism (silver bells) and maybe the pretty maids all in a row symbolise the rows of Protestants that were executed by Mary Tudor.
However if the rhyme was written not long before it was first published in 1744 then this would be unlikely as both queens reigned in the sixteenth century. But then it could have been written earlier …

I find it interesting that many traditional nursery rhymes appear to be all sweet and innocent but turn out to reveal a much more sinister meaning.

However I made these bird baths in all sweetness and light, taking the nursery rhyme only as it reads!

They are all hand formed shapes (some using a mould and some without) using cement mortar mixtures.

Here is a collection of the baths at the garden festival.

Silver bells, cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row, displayed in different ways, on cobbles, terracotta drainpipes, slates and balustrade plinths to help customers imagine ways they could place them in their gardens …

Silver Bells, Cockle Shells and Pretty Maids All in a Row at the Bishops Palace


Silver Bells


Silver bells


Cockle Shells


pretty maids fb

And Pretty Maids All in a Row


And a flower bowl


At the Bishops Palace

At the Bishops Palace


Click here if you would like to know more about the English Country Garden Festival and visit.




The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons

I don’t know how relevant the four seasons are any more. Our climate is changing and maybe we won’t feel the difference between the seasons quite so much as we did when we were young. I’m writing this watching snow fall outside my window and with layers of clothes on as our gas central heating is broken once again this year! Well it feels like winter to me, but the signs in the garden are of spring, and who can say they haven’t seen fruit trees in blossom this year already? It all seems a bit of a mess now, one day warm the next cold, rain, rain, rain, and then oh good a little sunshine, nature is confused while the earth is trying to find equilibrium.

There was never a time that William Blake’s poem “The Sick Rose” was so significant.

But enough of my bemoaning as I am really here to give you a little joy and hope. Even if it means thinking about how it was, should have been, should be. Perfect seasons. Celebrating them for what they sometimes are, what they were, should be and maybe could be once again.










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Feathers and Leaves

…and flowers… A collection of new pieces. Please contact me if you are interested in any garden paving stones or bird baths or wish to commission a piece for you garden or home. Click the links to buy feather pictures.

Golden Leaf Bird Bath (sold)

Golden Leaf Bird Bath -hand gilded glass (sold)