Ten Years – Mosaic Exhibition


An exhibition of mosaic art by Kate Rattray

at Somerset Guild of Craftsmen, 23a Broad Street, Wells BA5 2DJ

9th May – 13th June 2016

PRIVATE VIEW – Friday 20th May 4-6pm

I am delighted to announce that I am presenting 10 years of my work at the new back room gallery at Somerset Guild of Craftsmen in  Wells.

Having worked in the art of mosaic for over 20 years now, the last 10 years has been the most productive for me. I have chosen works that explored my interest in folklore, weather, and the apocalypse, featuring birds, moths and butterflies.

Here are three from that apocalyptic year of 2012!

The Storm

The Storm


"Chorus at the Wake of the Sun" in sunlight

“Chorus at the Wake of the Sun”


Unfinished Symphony

Unfinished Symphony

And two of my latest pieces.

Black Swan

Black Swan


White Swan

White Swan

But much better to see them in the flesh amongst a total of 29 mosaics. And if you are interested I am running a mosaic workshop on 21st May in the gallery. See details and book here

Come and see!






Two More Weeks in Upper Street, Angel, Islington

For the last two weeks and for the following two weeks I have several pieces of my work in a new pop up shop in Angel, Islington, London.  Makers & Friends is at 126 Upper Street, selling hand made jewellery, prints, cushions, soaps and herbal concoctions.  I haven’t  visited yet but I hear the shop is humming with activity every day.

I have some of my butterflies and birds in the shop including these …

copper butterflies

Copper Butterflies

A Golden Winged Bird Passing my Way

A Golden Winged Bird Passing my Way

If you are in London drop in and have a look. The shop is open every day until April 25th 2016.

islington pop up

Makers and Friends shop (photo by Zen)

Makers and Friends, 126 Upper Street, Angel, Islington, London N1




Green With Envy

If you read the story from the last post, you will understand what this is all about. If you didn’t then read it here  Moths on the Moon

To purchase any of these mosaics, click the pictures.

Green with Envy in the Morning

Green with Envy in the Morning

Green with Envy at Noon

Green with Envy at Noon

Green with Envy in the Evening

Green with Envy in the Evening

Green with Envy during the Night

Green with Envy during the Night

Green with Envy over the Sea

Green with Envy over the Sea

I also have a cluster of moon moths that I had gathered together from a recent trip on the moon. All these and more are available from my Artfinder shop. You can view the works without having to join by clicking the cross at the top right hand corner of the page. Or you can have £10 off any Artfinder art work by clicking this link http://artf.in/2Jp2Rg and joining.

Moon Moths (1)

Moon Moths (1)

Happy Butterfly Days 🙂

Moths on the Moon

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, before humans attempted to rule the earth, before a human was even born in fact, back in the time when the earth was made of blue butterflies, there was a very beautiful blue butterfly Queen, her name was Arion. Her particular skills were sky dancing, and she was admired by all the other butterflies for her grace and her ability to leave a  trail of beautiful patterns in the sky as she danced.  Now it came to pass that her best friend gave birth to another blue butterfly who grew up very strong and  beautiful , graceful and clever. Her name was Asthena. So clever was Asthena she was able to not only imitate Queen Arion and her wonderful dances in the sky, but she was able to turn the trail of patterns into little golden balls of dust. All the other butterflies admired her so much and asked her to dance for them every day. This made Queen Arion jealous and she began to turn green with envy, and one day in a fit of rage and mad fluttering she turned Asthena  white and banished her from the earth. Disagreeing with Queen Arion’s actions, many of the other blue butterflies on earth became agitated and began an uprising, but Queen Arion was having none of it and she turned them all white and banished them all from the earth.
Meanwhile Asthena flew in the dark away from the  blue earth below and became afraid, but when she turned to see her beautiful blue earth one more time she saw lots of white butterflies coming towards her. Together they flew on in the darkness until they became tired and there they formed a new world, we call it the moon.
Back on earth Queen Arion became sorry for what she had done, so she allowed the white butterflies to visit the earth at night, (in that way she wouldn’t have to see them and feel even worse for what she had done) she also gave them a new name – moths. However not being able to see very well the moths rarely visited earth at night, that was until humans invented artificial light …

Part 1 - Full Moon

Part 1 – Full Moon


Moths - Crescent Moon fb

Part 2 – Crescent Moon


Part 3 - New Moon

Part 3 – New Moon

Click the pictures for more details!

Story and art work © Kate Rattray


Exhibitions for Somerset Art Weeks Festival 2013

If you are visiting Somerset this year for Somerset Art Weeks you can purchase my work at Somerset Crafts on the levels (venue number 95)
and at the Courthouse Gallery, Somerset Guild of Craftsmen, Somerton, (venue number 53).

And while you are in Somerset don’t forget to visit my exhibition “Many Faces of the Sun”, at Divas Café, Black Swan Arts Centre, Frome




Where The Flying Things Go

The design for this mosaic was a culmination of ideas and past work. I was still working out how I was going to put it all together when one day last week the sky gave me the final piece of the puzzle and the motivation to start. This was how the sky looked that day:


I made a quick coloured sketch. I wanted to use some of the motifs I have used in previous mosaics; birds, butterflies and Bella, and I added to them bees, a Boeing (beginning to see a connection?) , and I added a few more flying things that don’t begin with B (see if you can spot them).


As I began the mosaic I decided to use some pinks and iridescent glass as well as white for the clouds – sunrise colours. I also began to stack the clouds together as they were in the photo, instead of spacing them out like in my drawing.
I thought I would try out some blue grout around the clouds and flying things, but as you can see it didn’t work:

It’s a bit …how can I say it … yuck! From my experience coloured grouts can work well when used with similar colours and tones, for instance in How the Sun Wakes Up and in Larks.

But in this case although some of  the tones of the glass have a similar value to the tones of the grout,  the hues are different. However I think the main reason why the overall picture doesn’t work is because the clouds and flying things are not defined enough. It needed black grout to define the shapes like the shapes in the sun.
So to plan B after digging out the blue grout which is still soft after I have had my dinner due to the acrylic paint I added to it.


Plan B = filling in the spaces with blue glass.


Sometime later, I re-grouted in black:

Where The Flying Things Go

Where The Flying Things Go

Come back soon to see another mosaic inspired by that mackerel sky!


Path to the Sky

The fields in the last few weeks have been an abundance of yellow buttercups. I couldn’t do it much justice with my photos but it was much better than this:


The skies have been pretty impressive too:


webbed sky

webbed sky

No need to look far for inspiration!

I made this mosaic indirectly only because I had to work on it at a Demo day at Somerset Crafts and the table wasn’t big enough for the whole thing. So I made it in 2 parts:


I installed it on cement board so it is suitable to display outdoors:


I grouted it in black to emphasise the colours and the shadows between the blades of grass, the buttercups, the butterflies and birds  (did you spot them?) and the webbed sunset sky. Here it is completed:


Path to the Sky


As with much of the work I post on my blog it is for sale and I’ll be taking this piece to Somerset Crafts gallery next week, unless you contact me first with an offer to buy it!