I make stop-motion animations as a way to experiment with a story and the materials. Sometimes they lead to other ideas through metamorphosis and surprising  discoveries. Once the mosaic pieces have been cut and played with in this way, I am free to make the final mosaics. Other times I make the animation from the final mosaic.

I have also made several  other animations and videos that I haven’t included on this page, as they are for specific projects. You can see the Zillion videos here  and the Sweat and Tears videos on the blog too.

You can view all my videos  on

The Whirlwind That Takes Me There

The Storm

How the Sky Becomes Blue

Sun Dance

Animation of a mosaic for a  private commission in 2010


Stop-motion animation using two photographs of the mosaic  “Rain” made in 2005

The Lemon Tree

Stop-motion mosaic animation

The Tree

Stop motion mosaic animation. Questioning man’s relationship with nature.

Best played in HD with headphones or good speakers.

Also on vimeo

How the Sun Wakes up in the Morning

Ten Phases of the Sun

New Year Sunrise

Here is my video of the New Years Sunrise  – with added avian content!

Time lapse animation using 40 photos.  It is an unrefined “sketchbook” video!


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