About me

I am a mosaic artist living and working in  Somerset, UK, (but originally a Devon girl).

17 years ago  I was making and exhibiting my works of collage and photomontage after having graduated at art college in Cheshire with a Creative Arts Degree.

I moved into a school house in Devon with my partner and first two little boys and asked the headteacher if I could run some art workshops with the kids. He took me to the front of the school and presented me with a wall approximately 2m wide and asked me to mosaic it with the kids.

Armed with mosaic books from the library and advice and help from local builders I taught myself how to build  my first mosaic.

Since then I have developed my skills and my style through experimentation and persistence, and of course obsession.

I am inspired by the strength, structure and colours of nature,  especially skies, weather, trees and birds.  Many of my mosaics are stories that are similar to ancient myths, seeing the world as a primitive and magical place.  Often I plan my work as a sequence, to allow the flow of time and  movement  and this can lead to a stop-motion mosaic animation, allowing me to experiment and make the story come to life.

In 2006 I was awarded  professional membership of the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen.

I am also a member of BAMM (British Association for Modern Mosaic)

I exhibit and sell my work internationally.

I take commissions, run workshops  and work with schools.

My website is http://www.rattraymosaics.co.uk






4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Thank you for sending me your blog address. I enjoyed reading about
    your “Sweat and tears” mosaic sculpture. Very interesting and beautiful to behold…I thought the face was a nice touch.


  2. loved the sweat and tears series. The audio tape kicked into my itunes, and finished with Jonny Cash and the Way of a Woman in Love… i take it that was me rather than you!!!
    i am experimenting with sculpture too… as the legs in my garden are falling apart and need replacing.
    are you in the Somerset Open Studios? if so, i will send my mum in your direction…


    1. Hi Katy
      I don’t know what was going on with the sound file as the link should have been an audioboo…wierd! You know I did some feet called “I walk the Wine” – the title inspired by Johnny Cash’s song “I walk the Line”!
      No I am not doing Somerset Arts Week but the Somerset Guild (Courthouse Gallery in Somerton) are in the brochure. There may be some of my work in there if it isn’t sold at the present exhibition.
      Good luck with your legs (??!!)


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