The Propagation of Birds

As I was returning from one of my daily walks around the lanes and fields in December last year, full of wonder and awe at the grey skies and  the skeletons of trees, I found myself being fascinated by the hedge tops holding on steadfastly to the few remaining leaves from the summer. The light was fading and the leaves looked like little birds.

In January this year I enjoyed the deep sunsets and the rising moon beyond the silhouettes of the hedge saplings.

I remembered I had made a sketch several years ago of a bird blooming from a plant stem, I searched for it for several days but was unable to locate it so I drew a new design.

Then made the cartoon…

I made two mosaics, one at sunset and one at moon rise. I imagined the birds were growing from the sapling hedge sticks and would fly away at moon rise.

The Propagation of Birds (part 1)

Made with smalti, gold leaf glass, metal leaf hand gilded glass, vintage glass tile, ceramic tile


The Propagation of Birds (part 2)

Made with iridescent glass tile, copper streaked glass tile, stained glass and ceramic tile.

These mosaics are framed and for sale in the Erwood Station Gallery, Builth Wells, Wales.


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