Chorus at the Wake of the Sun

The final mosaic in my journey that makes up a concept album of work is complete. I started this mosaic 3 years ago for a BAMM exhibition “ Music of the Eye”, but I wasn’t able to give enough time to complete it then. And I don’t think the time was right for it anyway.

I made the mosaic indirectly using strips of stained glass set on edge (like How the Sun Wakes Up).

grinding the glass strips

Many of the pieces had to be ground to a point with a glass grinder so that they could be set into the circle.

I made the mosaic using an indirect process I have developed to work with very different depths of  glass.

Chorus at the Wake of the Sun – indirect process

peeling off the paper

Once made up I grouted the mosaic in black.

What I haven’t mentioned is that it is really about the death of the sun, and to make the meaning clearer I changed the title from Chorus in the Wake of the Sun to Chorus at the Wake of the Sun.

I used a reflective glass that is copper in one light and black in another light which successfully transforms the sun into a black sun as well as a pupil of an eye. I like using the duality of the sun and the pupil, and the double meaning of the word wake; as not only the ceremony for the death of the sun but the eye that wakes, the eye that watches, thus adding a human element to the story.

Imagine if we were alive to see the dying sun..

“Chorus at the Wake of the Sun”

“Chorus at the Wake of the Sun” in sunlight

Detail shot of Chorus at the Wake of the Sun

The mosaic was unconsciously  inspired by the stained glass ceiling in the ”Palau de la Musica Catalana” in Barcelona.  You can read about my inspiration and the palace ceiling for the mosaic here.

Come back soon for news about my new book!



5 thoughts on “Chorus at the Wake of the Sun

  1. It is really very nice, and that because there is a strong idea before the work.
    many may do that , but only a few are able to think it before: this is your real power .

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