“Odile – The Black Swan” : The 2012 Fashion Icon

If you went to London Fashion Week last week you would have noticed how many top designers have used black, whites, pearls shimmery greys and silvers in their new creations.

“Odile” – The Black Swan wouldn’t have looked out of place on the catwalk. Imagine her as she glided elegantly in her fine coverlet of black, mirrored green, irridescent greys and pearly whites reflecting hints of pink, purple and blue as she moved!

Imagine how she could look in your garden, perhaps next to a lake or a water feature where her reflection would add further interest, movement and colour.

And then there’s the story:

“Odile – The Black Swan”  is the jealous sister of Odette (The White Swan) in Tchaikovsky’s ballet “Swan Lake”, who attempts to fool Odette’s suitor by imitating and dressing as Odette . The gentle graduation of dark to light tones of glass tile  reflect Odile’s transformation from black to white in the story; thus she is caught in her moment of deceit.

Odile - The Black Swan
“Odile – The Black Swan” : The New Fashion Icon

Odile is the new fashion icon, and this one you can own!

The Swans of Wells Auction starts Saturday 29th September at 7.30pm  Book tickets for the auction here by Monday 24th or bid online here for Odile

See more pictures of her here


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