Last weekend it was my daughter’s birthday and I agreed she could have a party. She decided to have a 1950’s themed party. I thought I would get into the swing of things and I bought a late 50’s but probably more early 60’s style dress. I thought about 1950’s housewife’s and how I was glad I wasn’t one, but also how it might be fun to dress up like one. I bought some material to make an apron.

Here it is.

The cartoons on the material by Michael Miller are a humorous view of a  1950’s family that he calls “dysfunctional” .

Here are some close-ups.

I love the simple humour and I was inspired to make some of my own 2011 family cartoons.

These are “obsessive mosaic mum”.



6 thoughts on “cartoons

    • I seem to remember catching glimpses of it sometime ago – in between cooking, washing-up,writing emails, cutting tiles, thinking about my latest idea, helping the kids with their homework, washing, hanging out the washing, cleaning out the fish, writing my blog…………..
      How do your get time to watch it??

  1. you need to prioritise!
    1 Mosaic
    2 Malcolm
    4 Malcolm
    WHose are the fish???? why aren’t they cleaning them out????

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